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Get recognized for your best projects and achievements. Find and connect with young professionals like yourself.

Ever wondered how to make use of projects you've done in school?
Do you want employers to take your previous work into account?

Worry no more.

Onesha is the platform for you!


Highlight your school projects on Onesha and have them count in your portfolio of skills. Link with your school and get your projects verified. Here's how it works.

Using the two core features, Projects and Moments, Onesha enables you demonstrate your skills and your character beyond the classroom. Here is how it works:

Give employers a preview of what you can do on the job

  1. Step 1

    Create an account and login. Personalize your profile with information about your skills and interests. Let us know the real you.

  2. Step 2

    Create New project. Give a title and the category. Upload media and fill in the additional details to describe your project.

  3. Step 3

    Send links to your Portfolio to top employers. Get jobs based on your skills, not just your academic experience

Remember to highlight your skills and abilities




From Fashion to Architecture, Art to Engineering, Computer Science and more, prove your skills using projects you've done.
Include extra-curricular activities like sports, voluntary service, music and any other you'd like.
By linking your school projects to your profile, you do not need to worry about lack of experience.
Show employers how much you've already done!

You're more than a resume

Your last class project or presentation could be exactly what top employers are looking for. Don't get lost in a sea of generic resumes.

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