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Projects - Interior and Landscape Design

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Design and installation of softscape in the Alma apartments located in Ruaka area Nairobi.

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A beautifully decorated interior not only functions well but it creates a mood or a ...

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This room already had good bones: great size and balanced proportions with wonderful features like ...

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Living room, dining room

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New brook house international school located in runda

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Designing a space that can be used flexibly for working, meeting and the layout, furniture, ...

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The project entailed urban landscaping, coming up with a creative design of taking people along, ...

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It was a pleasure to have done the voice over for Coffee Macchiatto Kenya.Always ...

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This is a space that I did for a client who needed mock ups of ...

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This desk design was done as one piece of an full office redesign.

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It’s an unspoken rule that a fun company needs headquarters to match the fun....

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At the core of the function, we laid a function. We used a functional circular ...

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These are concepts I did for my interior design class project for end of semester ...

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The up-build of this facility will focus in providing solutions to challenges in ICT sector ...

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Homestead design, for a client located in Ngong area

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HaoFinder provides tools to facilitate access and management of housing and or accommodation services through ...

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