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Art Painting and Crafts

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Art Painting And Crafts

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This grid show one of my best works

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One of the projects I worked on in 2017 for a client

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These are some of the exciting projects I've worked on.

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There is more to an individual than meets the eye.The question is are we ...

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Decorating laptops with back covers.

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"Make me feel like the king of the land", he said

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Advertising my work.

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Students' past school projects over time now in digital form.

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This is a painting I did on behalf of a client who wanted illustration paintings ...

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A series of random portrait skecthes.

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DaVinci's work redone.

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Presenting clients their portraits that they commissioned me to do.

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These are portraits done for some of my clients.

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This is a couple of sketches I did to figure out if I have mastered ...

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Here is what my client had to say:
''I wore one of Njeri Kinuthia's ...

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The first sketch we have a one sided fàcial of a lady who is ...

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Product Design cultivates the technical and critical skills you need to design products that enhance ...

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Multi-media crafts is a course that encompasses all other areas of fine art requiring the ...

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A photoshoot of my various clients done in school.

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This is a digital format of some of our student pin ups done in the ...

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This is a portfolio of projects done by students who have gone through BIFA. We ...

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A collection of past student works over time from art and design

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Simple painting on a canvas.

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This is a piece of art I did on a canvas for a client with ...

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Fun fact:

I'm having trouble convincing some people that the piece is actually ...

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Mixed media drawings using color pencils ...commisions others personal.

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Water color illustration on different mediums

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It is a pencil drawing aiming improving my skills

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